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Hoverboard Seat is an accessory that transforms your Segway / Hoverboard / Segway into a tri-wheels seated balance vehicle, like a go kart. It converts the Hoverboard into an exciting kart to have fun on your Hoverboard. It’s essentially a Segway / Hoverboard / Swegway Go Kart Transformation kart kit. Seat for Hoverboards is known Hoverkart and it can be assembled easily within 10 minutes,

Best Hoverboard Seats

Hoverboards Seat was a new addition introduced last year in Hoverboards industry, it was an extension introduced by manufacturers named Hoverkart or Hovercart or Hoverboard Seat. Its assembling is very simple and easy that you can handle it yourself without any hover-kart technician, GoHoverkart is the only UK's Official Certified Safe Hoverboard Seat retailer. We are selling broad range of different sizes, designs and styles of Hoverboard Seat to match your requirements at our online store with all UK delivery and 100% replacement Warranty.