Hoverkart Race on the Jonathan Ross Show

jonathan ross hoverkart race
The Jonathan Ross show, a British chat show presented by none other than Jonathan Ross himself aired on ITV with some top notch guests and seriously cool self balancing scooters, electric skateboards and two different Hoverkart models! In this episode of the Jonathan Ross show the main stars are Jeremy Clarkson, Robbie Williams, Micky Flanagan and Little Mix who battle it out with the first Hoverkart race on a... 

SAVE 50 Percent this Black Friday Sale on all Segways and Hoverkarts

black friday sale uk 2016
. Hoverboards Black Friday Sale 2018 Are you Excited for this Hoverboards Black Friday Sale 2018? If you ain’t, we are! GoHoverkart is the leading UK store selling various Hoverkart  / Segway models which can’t be found anywhere else! So it’s no surprise that we’ll be going NUTS this Black Friday Sale! So if you are not already excited for Hoverboards Black Friday Sale 2018 we will be for...