Popular Questions

Popular Questions

Account Questions

I have forgotten my password how do I reset it?
Please click the login link just as you would to login and select the option 'Forgot Password?'. Once you've filled the details it'll send you a password reset link via Email.Alternatively please email us or call directly to speak to a member of our customer services.
How do I place an order?
Once you've selected the item you wish to purchase, add that item into your basket and proceed to the basket, upon this page enter any coupon codes and proceed to checkout.When you're on the checkout page you can fill in your basic details and billing address and complete payment. - All of which you can do WITHOUT an account if you don't wish to sign up.Please be aware that we do Not pass your personal details out to anyone and only use it for our own marketing or contact preferences. 
I am not getting any reply from Your Company
Sometimes, emails goes to SPAM, so also check your SPAM(JUNK) mails. If you haven't receive any email from us email us at hi@gohoverkart.com or CALL US directly. If these methods of contacting us fail please write to us or attempt to reach us via Social Media.

General Questions

What’s the Age requirement for a Hoverkart?
We advise that children 8 years and over can use the Hoverkart as long as they're supervised by an adult. This product is not only for children but also adults! Please make sure you meet the weight operating criteria for the segway board.
What’s the Delivery process / how long?
Our delivery service is very efficient and reliable which is why we offer a next day guaranteed delivery on all of our ranges (within the UK) AT NO EXTRA COST!Place your orders before 3pm Mon - Thurs and you'll be eligible for the next day delivery service if you live in the United Kingdom, if you live within the EU please use the shipping calculator upon checkout to find out how much it would cost to ship to your location.

GoHoverKart Questions

How long can I use the Hoverkart for?
The ideal operation time when used continuously is up to 1 hour, we advise to use the hoverkart up to an hour at a time so you can reduce the chances of damaging and components quicker, sometimes the wheels get a little heated after heavy use and may need to 'cool off' before using the hoverkart / segway again.
How do you control the Hoverkart?
The Hoverkart is a very easy product to get used to, within minutes you can become a master! By simply using the two control-handles you can move the board; forwards, backwards, left, right and even Pop a Wheelie or a bit of Drifting!
Will the Hoverkart fit my Segway board?
Most likely yes! The Hoverkart is designed to fit all common sizes of segway boards such as the basic 6.5inch, 8inch and 10inch wheeled boards.
How fast will a Hoverkart go?
A Hoverkart will travel at the speed of which the segway/hoverboard is limited to, this is usually 10-12 mph, but remember it also depends on your height/weight too! So don't be surprised if you go a little bit quicker.
I want to use the Segway standing up, how?
Don't worry! This is a really simple process as all you have to do is remove the two straps which attach the hoverkart to the hoverboard / segway.

Segway / Hoverboard Questions

I don’t want to scratch my Segway board, what can I do?
We understand that you wouldn't want to scratch or damage your hoverboard / segway when using the Hoverkart attachment so we also sell Silicone protectors for your board, this will allow you to place a skin or cover on your board so you can attach the hoverkart and not worry about any chips or minor damage caused from general use.
Will my hoverboard break or develop faults?
Generally speaking the hoverboard shouldn't break or develop faults because of the hoverkart attachment, as stated the hoverboard can be used for up-to an hour of continuous use until the wheels become a little hot (due to the motors inside the wheel), the only other thing you should monitor is the tread on the wheels as they can last up to 1,000 good uses until they wear down.
What wheel size should I buy?
There's three types of hoverboards / segways / swegways which are sold world wide and they're all defined mainly by the wheel size. The most common wheel size is the 6.5 inches, next up would be 8 inches and finally the biggest wheel size you can get.. the 10 inch hoverboard. There's no real recommended self balance board which will work better then any others as they're all limited to the same speed and same size battery.
Are these segway / hoverboard / balance boards safe?
Our segways / hoverboards come from a direct supplier in the United Kingdom, they ensure the product is of the highest quality from materials to electrical components. All hoverboards sold come with genuine Samsung batteries inside (which is the safest battery to use!) and come with UL/UK certified chargers which are the standard 3pin plug. Any electrical faults are covered with a 12 month warranty.

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