Convert your Hoverboard into a Go Kart in minutes using our Monsterkart Kit

Inspired design
Easily adjustable handlebar for maximum comfort whilst handling.
Attachment System perfection
A very easy attachment system fit for all sizes of two wheeled balance boards.
intelligent lightweight construction
Two different frames, both built with strength in mind.
  • Suitable for all ages
    Can be used by children from the age of 6.
    Smooth Suspension Ride
    Constructed with a soft spring suspension system for a smooth ride.
    Built in Minutes
    Following our very simple manual you can put your HoverKart together in minutes!


    The GoHoverKart Range


    Robust Double Bar Design
    This Hoverkart is built with a strong and robust double bar frame which strengthens the entire frame for even the roughest rides.
    Comfortable Racing Seat
    Built with an exclusive low-riding race inspired seat to provide maximum comfort when cruising around.
    Intelligent Segway Sensor Lock
    The Intelligent locking system has a unique mechanism which helps lock the control leavers in the centre position, it also stops you from applying too much preasure when cruising.

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    Strong Single Bar Design
    This Hoverkart is built with a strong and robust single bar frame which will wit hstand the toughest rides.
    Comfortable Soft Seat
    Get that look and feel with this race inspired racign seat, built of hardened plastic meaning it's very durable with almost any weight.
    The GoRacer has an easy to use segway locking system which easily attaches to any sized segway board and helps you use the control leavers much easier.

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    Range of Hoverboards / Segways