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  • GoMONSTER Hoverkart


    The GoMONSTER Hoverkart is the newest Hoverkart on the market! MONSTROUS sized Suspension and a Huge off-road single tyre at the front!

    •  MONSTROUS Suspension & Huge off-road front tyre
    •  Extendable Frame for different user heights
    •  Double bar frame Hoverkart
    •  Racing Seat Design
    •  Colours: Carbon Black, Midnight Blue, Daytona Red, Racing White, Graffiti, Hip Hop
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  • Racer Shock absorber suspension hoverkart

    £249.99 £99.99

    All New Limited Edition Q5 Racer Shock absorber suspension hoverkart!

    Transform your segway hoverboard swegway into an all new exciting electric gokart with this HoverKart attachment. You can easily attach your 6.5inch / 8inch and 10inch boards directly to the hoverkart and drift around!

    The Q5 Hoverkart is a simple but very durable design which can be put together by following a straight-forward manual which will get it built within 10 minutes. Not only is it quick to build it also fits to almost every model of Segway hoverboard swegway from 6.5 inch to 10 inch wheeled hoverboards.

    It’s very simple to assemble by putting two simple locking-straps on and attaching them to the sensor pads, adjusting the frame then it’s ready for action! With basic control leavers you can easily control the movement of your Hoverboard; forwards, backwards and left/right and the ability to perform 360 degree spins on the spot, pull wheelies and even drift! You can reach a maximum speed of 12 mph and a recommended continuous use up-to an hour, cruise with your friends with this awesome double strut frame and a racing seat.

    This Hoverkart has suspension shock absorbers so it gives you a comfortable ride, with the bouncy suspension springs, this allows you to experience you a real cruising and riding experience.

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