Which Hoverboard Wheel Size Should I Choose ?

When it comes to choosing a hoverboard, several brands and models are available on the market. We often see different sizes of wheels without knowing which size will be best suited to our use. Indeed, another important aspect when buying is the size of the wheel. There are generally two sizes of wheels on top-selling hoverboards. The small wheel (6.5 inches) and the big wheel (10 inches). But which is the best model for you?


We can notice in the first place, by placing oneself in front of the Hoverboard. That the large wheels generally of 10 ” offer more clearance between the device and the ground. This height is generally around ten centimeters. Smaller wheels (6.5 ” on average) thus have less clearance, which is around 4 cm.


Looking now at the characteristics of two different Hoverboard models. One with small wheels and the second with larger ones. We notice a difference in weight between these two devices. Indeed, from 10 kg for the 6.5 ” model, we then go to 12 kg for the one with the 10 ” wheels. This can thus be a very important criterion for a person. Who will wear their Hoverboard often, for example? Someone who lives on the 5th floor without an elevator and who has to climb stairs.


The Hoverboards with wheels of 10 ” may also have another disadvantage. Because they are bigger, and once put in their bag that’s more cumbersome to wear. An example If you take public transport with the device. It can be more disturbing with this larger equipment. So, models with smaller 6.5 ” wheels will offer this advantage of taking up less space. and above all to be lighter.

What are the Advantages of Hoverboards with 8.5” wheels?

As we have seen, the clearance height from the ground is greater with large wheels. and this will be a big advantage over smaller wheels. Indeed, a Hoverboard with small wheels will be usable on flat surfaces. Such as for example a sidewalk, a gymnasium, a field, supermarket car park. But, the maneuverability on other surfaces can become more complicated.

This is where the 8.5” wheels will come in their interest, on rougher paths, outdoors. The greater clearance height will allow easier use and more maneuverability. Another big advantage will be the driving height, in fact. The user will position higher and will thus enjoy better visibility.

Machine protection

The advantage will be there also for the model with 10 ” wheels. Because the board will be higher compared to the ground. The debris and obstacles are less likely to hit the Hoverboard and damage it. It would be a shame to damage your equipment too.

Wheel material

This difference is important, it is about the material of manufacture of the wheel. Which can differ according to the models. The 6.5 ” wheel is usually made of thick rubber wrapped around a hard plastic rim. The 10 ” model is a pneumatic wheel, which means that it inflates with air inside, like bicycle wheels for example. The tire will thus provide an advantage on terrain with bumps or when crossing a sidewalk. Comfort is also to take into account. Because the tire will absorb small shocks on the road. They will be less felt by the user. The stability will be better and will avoid certain possible falls that may occur.


The 10 ” models are generally faster than the smaller Hoverboards. This is because the parts used are often more efficient. The devices are more stressed and can go over more rugged terrain. The stability of the board allows builders to increase the speed with less risk of a fall.

The Price

The UK Hoverboards are the cheapest. So, first prizes are often offered with wheels 6.5 cheaper to manufacture. So, the advantage to smaller models. But, 10 ” wheels can last longer. So, avoid the replacement of certain parts because the board is better protected.


If you plan to ride on flat surfaces or indoors and need to carry your Hoverboard often, then go for the 6.5 ” wheels. The buying price will also be more affordable for this type of device.

If you prefer sportier driving and off-roading, the 10 ” wheels recommend. The initial budget will be larger, but you will enjoy more comfort and the performance will be higher. The lifespan of the device may be longer. So, thanks to better protection against possible shocks. Click for more INFO